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My name is Benjamin Ely, but I'm called rioforce on the internet.

I've been an animator for over 10 years, and still enjoy every moment at the animation desk. Telling stories fuels me, and animation just seems like the perfect medium to do that. I specialize in stop-motion animation, working with companies such as Stikbots and Jazwares, but am also skilled in CGI animation and video editing.

Inside the realm of stop-motion, I primarily enjoy animating with LEGO brand toys for personal projects. This is called brickfilming. In fact, I'm the administrator of Bricks in Motion, the internet's largest brickfilming community.

On my YouTube channel, I upload my stop-motion animations as well as tutorials and teaching videos to help others learn about the craft. Please check some of them out below!

"Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."
~ 1 Corinthians 10:31b



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Along with making my own brickfilms, I am administrator of Bricks in Motion, a website centered around the art of brickfilming. Here, we have a wonderful community where you can learn about the art of LEGO animation, show off your films, learn new techniques, get feedback, or just have fun! If you're interested in brickfilming or joining a fun community of animators, please visit Bricks in Motion.